Continuous Gravity Dosing


EUROTEK has two devices for continuous dosing:  the ARTEK weighbridge for dosing of large amounts and the ROTEK roller scales for dosing of small amounts.

The ARTEK weighbridge or belt is formed by a weighbridge, a conveyor belt speed detector and PID electronic control equipment.  

The electronic equipment, receives the belt speed indication and the weight of the product being transported, both at the same time. Based on the “weight x speed = amount” equation, it controls the flow of the product.

The ROTEK roller scale, unlike the weighbridge, has two photocells installed on both sides of a roller.

Volumetric Dosing


Volumetric dosing is generally used when there is a need for a constant dosing of a hopper stored material that behaves very badly.

The VOLTEK-Z equipment for solids is fitted inside with a homogenising agitator that conditions the material for constant feeding with a worm-screw in charge of the volumetric dosing of the product.