Minority Dosing of Solids


Dosificacón y pesaje, estación minoritarios líquidos

This station has been designed by EUROTEK for the automatic filling of bags with minority oils.  

It is configured for 40 different oil tanks and each of them has a pump, a section of tubing and a THOT anti-drip valve at the outlet mouth.

Thanks to this valve designed by us we achieve fill the bags WITHOUT CONTAMINATION and in addition we impede OIL SPILLS on the conveyor belt, when there are no bags under the dosing area.

The LUK-A40 station is managed by a EuroDos-Touch supervision application, therefore having all the necessary requirements regarding production, traceability, statistics and audit control”


Dosificacón y pesaje, estación minoritarios sólidos

Minority dosing station into EVA bags for 40/20 components. Basically formed by two parts: LOAD HOPPER and DOSING CARRIAGE


The station has 40/20 storage hoppers that are loaded by bigbag.

The station has a structure with a rail beam for a pulley to run along to handle the bigbags that hang from the hook for the loading of the hopper. The structure has a platform from where we can have access to the loading mouths of the hoppers. The operator moves with the platform where the bigbag is hanging from a pulley to the loading mouth of the selected hopper, where he quickly and safely connects the neck of the bigbag thanks to the BIGFIX* mechanical device.


An operator situated on a mobile carriage moves around the hopper station, having access from the carriage to all the stored products.

The station has a carousel with storage capacity for 100/50 boxes.  An EVA bag with its printed barcode for later control will be placed in each box. These bags will be recognised by using a barcode reader.  The system, according to its execution, will automatically displace both the carriage and the boxes to the position where the product to be dosified is stored. 


  • The carriage has a small weighing platform and an operator panel that will guide and help the operator during the dosing process.
  • The MAR-A40/20 station is managed by EURODOS touch Supervision software.


A EUROTEK exclusive device for hermetic fixing of bigbag mouths and necks to loading and discharging elements.