Dosificación y pesaje de líquidos

Liquids behave very regularly both in the volumetric or gravity dosing resulting in excellent precision, as long as the liquid flows correctly. 

Viscous liquids should be heated when there is a need for them to be dosified.  Therefore a very detailed study has to be made about the elements forming the installation, from the storage tanks to the point of usage, in order to achieve minimum energy costs and correct dosing of the product.

When the viscosity of the fluids fluctuates a lot with temperature, the tubes usually develop LEAKS that end-up being very disagreeable (lack of precision, contaminations, dirty floors...).

EUROTEK has developed the THOT valve for its application for liquids which is also capable of quickly and precision closing without letting any drop of product escape; it is an easily maintained valve without electric cables or pneumatic connections.


Gravity dosing of liquids, like that of solids, is used when there is a need for dosing a certain amount of product, after previously establishing a composition.  


dosificación gravimétrica de líquidos

The OLITE-K10 oil cabin is designed for dosing up to 10 types of high viscosity oils. There is a scale hopper, a waiting hopper and a heating element fitted inside electronically controlled to keep the interior at an adequate temperature.



Volumetric dosing of liquids is usually done with flow meters.  There is a large variety of different technology ones on the market (magnetic, coriolis, vortex, volumetric...).  Depending on the application we have to develop, we will choose the best type of flow meter to adapt to our needs of the installation (precision reading, properties of the liquid, work flow, area classification...).

EUROTEK has developed a high performance unit as an innovation in the volumetric dosing of liquids: the DOSINJET-MK10 volumetric cylinder.

dosificación volumétrica de líquidos

The completely innovative DOSINJET has been designed for clean and precision dosing and injecting oil into internal mixers, without leaving oil residues in the circuit.  We can dosify up to ten different oils.

Thanks to its design and technology, we have managed to eliminate the cost of time used by the cleaning rubbers that are manufactured among changes of reference, the costs of oil used for cleaning the circuit, the costs of used oils, the costs of maintaining the cabins, and the actual heat sections; and we can also highlight the space it uses in comparison with the current cabins.