Process control

Automatización de sistema de mezcla

Trazabilidad en plantas de proceso


Our Monitoring and control systems are outstanding due to their simplicity (user friendly and comfortable software environment), reliability (for installations that operate 24 hours a day) and flexibility (they easily adapt to the needs of the client) in order to offer the user a tool which is easy to use.

The Monitoring system allows:

  • Control.
  • Knowing in real time all the incidents of the process, cycle times, production values...
  • Managing historical records to carry out detailed analysis, which allow us to:
    1. Improve productive performance.
    2. Improve product reliability.
    3. Optimise energy savings.
  • Fault detection: Obtain abnormal situation warnings that can lead to a failure situation in the process.
  • Fault diagnosis: Establish the cause of the abnormal situation and carry out the opportune actions to maintain the process.

We automate:

  • Process plants.
  • Dosing systems.
  • Mixing systems.
  • Production process traceability.
  • Statistical control.