This dosing method is used when a certain quantity of a product, previously established in a recipe, has to be dosed. 

When we are weighing the amount of product that falls on a hopper provided with load cells, we are talking about additive dosing.

When we are weighing the amount of product that is extracted from a hopper equipped with load cells, we are talking about subtractive dosing.

Additive batching requires the weigh hopper to be able to empty quickly and efficiently, i.e. it has to take a short time to release the product and be clean. “The key to good dosing is in the discharge.

Depending on the application and product characteristics, we have developed our own range of weigh hoppers, developed according to the application and product characteristics.

Eurotek. Dosificación y mezclas industrialesDosificación de sólidos. Tolva Fast-D

Tolva Fast-D

Double chamber hopper, equipped with injectors for fast extraction. Used in the dosing of difficult products by pneumatic conveying (carbon black, Crete, titanium dioxide...).

Eurotek. Dosificación y mezclas industriales.Dosificación de sólidos. Tolva Fast-R

Tolva Fast-R

Rubber hopper equipped with a massage sequencer for fast extraction. Used in dosing by dropping the product on the hopper.

Eurotek. Dosificación y mezclas industriales. Dosificación de sólidos. Tolva Fast-R

Tolva Fast-T

Varnished fabric hopper with a very low weight, especially for minority products that require a precise dosage and a very fast unloading.

Eurotek. Dosificación y mezclas industriales. Dosificación de sólidos. Tolva Fast-A

Tolva Fast-A

Carbon steel hopper, equipped with air injectors and fluidization panels for fast extraction of abrasive products.

Eurotek. Dosificación y mezclas industriales.Dosificación de sólidos. Dosi-dish

Dosi Dish

Very easy to regulate plate dispenser. This element is suitable for feeding a weigh hopper with very delicate products, which require that the pellet or grain does not break.



The behavior of the liquids is quite regular and both in gravimetric and volumetric dosing, excellent accuracies are achieved, as long as the liquid flows correctly.

When viscous liquids need to be dosed, it is essential to heat them, which requires a very detailed study of the elements that make up the installation, from the storage tanks to the point of consumption, in order to achieve correct dosing of the product with the minimum energy cost.

When the viscosity of the liquids fluctuates a lot with the temperature, the pipes often cause drips that end up being very unpleasant (loss of precision, contaminations, stains on the floor…).

EUROTEK has developed for your liquid applications, the THOT valve, which in addition to being able to close quickly and accurately without letting a drop of product escape, is an easy to maintain valve, without electrical cables or pneumatic connections.

Eurotek. Dosificación y mezclas industriales. Dosificación de líquidos. Dosificación volumétrica

Volumetric dosing

As a novelty, within the volumetric dosing of liquids, EUROTEK has developed a high performance equipment: the DOSINJET-MK10 volumetric cylinder. The DOSINJET is a totally innovative equipment that has been designed to dose and inject the oil into the internal mixers in a precise and clean way, without leaving oil residues in the circuit. We can dose up to ten different oils. Thanks to its design and technology, it has been possible to eliminate the time costs used in the cleaning rubbers that are manufactured between reference changes, the costs of the oil used to clean the circuit, the costs of disposing of the oil used, the costs of maintaining the cabins and the current sections with heat; and it is also worth mentioning the space it occupies compared to the current oil cabins.

Eurotek. Dosificación de líquidos. Dosificación gravimétrica

Gravimetric dosing

It is used when it is necessary to dose a determined quantity of a product, previously established in a recipe. The OLITE-K10 oil booth is designed for the dosing of up to 10 types of high viscosity oils. It has a weigh hopper, a waiting hopper and an electronically controlled heating equipment to keep the interior at a suitable temperature.

Automatic conveyor line

  • From level 0, the operator will be weighing on a weighing belt the manual loads that feed the mixer (rubbers, minority products…) following the recipe presented on a screen located in the working area.


  • The prepared load will move on an auxiliary belt that will store several loads, and that in turn, will feed an elevator that will be in charge of raising them up to the level where the mixer mouth is located.


  • Once the elevator has lifted a load, it will move to a weighing belt where it will be re-checked to ensure that its weight value is correct. In this case, it will be ready to be moved into the mixer when it is requested by the mixer.
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