Gentle conveying of fragile and abrasive products. In the first case we avoid the breakage of the material and in the second case we reduce the wear of the pipeline, especially the elbows of the route due to the low velocities of the transport.


Minimal energy expenditure. Low drag speed (between 1 and 5 m/s). Slow and gentle conveying from approx. 1 m/s. Minimal wear with abrasive products. Optimum system for delivery of ready mixes. By walking the product "in grouped portions", disintegration of the mixture is avoided. Construction in stainless steel (AISI 304 and 316L), carbon steel. Construction standards: (ISO, ASME, AD-MERKBLATTER). Industry seal. Classified zone: Construction for ATEX explosive atmosphere environments.


Placement of load cells to control the consumption of the transported material. Support stations depending on the distance and fragility of the product. Intelligent stations of our own design for very fragile products (such as roasted grains or carbon black pellets). Vibration at the outlet elbow for conveying cohesive powders. Detailed selection of the type of material to be used in the elbows and changes of direction of the pneumatic conveying, depending on the abrasiveness of the product. Electrical panel equipped with PLC for pneumatic conveying control. Statistical pressure control for maintenance tasks. This system foresees anomalies that may occur during the life of the emitter (leaks, wear of elements, product incrustations ....).